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The inaccuracies with today’s safety alarms are there because they have not been technically upgraded since the 1970s. Through analysis and investigations, I have identified the three main problems that at times prevent the essential contact function of the present alarms. Vevios solves these three main problems since it improves communication, design and ergonomics. Vevios is the future safety alarm that expresses a new way of thinking and it solves:







Since Vevios is wearable in its design it will not only appeal to elderly and chronically ill but also to other user groups in need of safety and security in their everyday life. This includes exposed individuals for crime prevention or witness protection, for people working with risky professions, for extreme sports or for children groups in Day-care. Therefore, the future market for Vevios is vast. The response to Vevios safety alarm has been very positive since it represents a new type of wearable mobile technology and the demand of safety is huge.


How does it work?

Göran Bredinger Stipendiet delades ut 14 november 2017, i samband med Social Innovation Summit i Malmö.

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Make a donation to complete Vevios safety alarm to reach the market in 2019. A product development is a costly process and all contributions for Vevios realization, no matter size will spare lives. Thank you

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